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About Bill Hobbs

Professional Caricature, Portrait, Fine Art Artist.

Hi, I am Bill Hobbs.  As long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed sketching and drawing. Art has always been part of who I am.  I especially find pleasure in doing caricatures and portraits. There is just something about seeing the smile on the face of the person receiving a caricature. As I sit drawing a person I can see the anticipation growing in the face of my subjects. It’s always a kick to see the look on their face when I hand over the completed sketch. Now you too can experience the same thing by giving a caricature as your next gift. 

Caricatures bring out the humorous side of the subjects personality.  I look for prominent features to accentuate while striving to capture a likeness. I put the person in a setting that makes the caricature very personal. 

Let the next gift you give be a fun and exciting caricature by Bill Hobbs.

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